Digital Education

Digital and Mobile are at every touch point of a student’s life. Are you ready to meet their expectations?

Mobile is driving the transformation

Mobile is where your future, current and post graduate students are engaging with content and experiences. Do you have the right mobile strategy to engage with them?

Xennial Digital and Drupal Connect are actively working with universities to integrate digital and mobile strategies in their learning environments, and the one technology that is changing how they attract, onboard, engage, empower, communicate and deliver content to their audiences is mobile.

What is sparking the digital learning transformation?

Two major shifts are making Higher Ed institutions evaluate their future and how they can become more competitive.

  • The transition from stale, static print and traditional online learning content into highly immersive, rich and interactive learning experiences through mobile solutions.
  • The maturity mobile technologies have achieved to integrate with current, legacy systems, such as LMS, SIS, CRM, among others, that allow them to protect their investments.
Our mission to transform the learning experience

Our mission to transform the learning experience Xennial Digital and Drupal Connect are focused on helping Higher Ed institutions understand and implement the right digital and mobile strategy to reach students at every stage of their educational lifecycle:

  • Attract :: Create the right mobile touchpoints for recruiting, marketing and providing admissions information.
  • Onboard and Enroll :: Provide a continuous mobile experience as they become part of your institution by helping them create their profiles, admission and financial aid forms through a single mobile app.
  • Engage and Empower :: Now that they are part of your institution, provide them with a single campus app to access their courses and assessments, view their schedules, school events, disseminate news, game day programs, and even to create their ePortfolios so they can become more attractive to potential employers, at the same time you position your institution as an innovative organization.
  • Post Grad Engagement :: Alumni are both a source for funding future projects at your school as well as your ambassadors (and even future employers). Reach them through innovative Alumni Communication apps, along with Fundraising Initiatives and the impact their contributions are making in your development and foundation projects.

Mobile is at every touch point of the student lifecycle…


  • Recruiting
  • Viewbooks
  • Admissions
  • Athletics

Onboard and Enroll

  • Admissions
  • Financial Aid
  • Forms

Engage and Empower

  • Community Involvement
  • Game Day Programs
  • Campus Life
  • Course Apps
  • Student ePortfolios
  • Sports Media Guides

Post Grad Engagement

  • Alumni Communications
  • Development and Foundation projects
  • Fundraising
The right digital partners

Xennial Digital and Drupal Connect have combined their extensive experience in developing digital solutions for the Higher Ed market to offer schools a best-in-class platform:

  • Highly experienced creatives, technologists and multimedia instructional designers and subject matter experts (SMEs) to help deliver a wholistic digital and mobile solution.
  • Using Drupal, a key content management solution in the Higher Ed space, as the backbone to deliver rich and personalized content through mobile devices Adobe Mobile solutions that provide a highly secure, cloud-based platform for hosting and distributing best-of-breed mobile apps/portals.

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